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Related post: Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 11:12:37 EDT From: Subject: ebony lingerie models Raw Recruits. Chapter 3.Disclaimer: If art teen models you are not yet 18 years of age or models girls nude if it is illegal to read materials of this kind where you live, then please stop now. This story contains descriptions of sexual activity between young adults. Please write: tiny boob models I would love to hear if you like my story. Raw Recruits. Chapter 3. In the last throes of Sarge's bangoff, he bounced the young fucker up and down while he twirled him, and the kid went off like a firecracker himself, shooting ropes of teenboi jizz up his chest and under his neck. Sarge surprised himself when he licked the kid's jam off him and tongued it through the boy's lips into his mouth till it was all gone. He licked all the way up the kid's face from chin to hairs, and told the boy to get down, clean and service Sarge's cock, finger the spooge out of his own asshole and eat it, then get his boxers on, and go back to his bunk. "Gitcher yer little toolbox in here at 11 tonight boy, and we'll see if we can develop some more stories fer you 5 10 models to write in yer 'diary', heah?""Yes, Sergeant," the cum licking boy answered. Sarge went into the shower and straightened up the other fuckboy in there. When he heard Pvt. Shrum leave, he shoveled Pvt. super childmodel Hinds out of the bedroom, shook him alert, and told him he was gonna be able teen magazine models to handle mancock right fine before he graduated 'basic'. Solemnly, Hinds nodded, and mumbled something that sounded like "Yes, Sergeant."He staggered out and Sarge told him to send Pvt. Hodge to him.By the time Hinds stumbled down the squadroom aisle and up the stairs to get Hodge, Shrum had passed out on his cot. It looked like his toytail cheeks were still trying to squeeze on ol' Sarge's 9 incher the way his boxers kept wigglin' and crinklin'. His bare feet kept curling, wrinkling up the skins of his soles while his toes curled under, rachel spector model released, then curled again and again.Of the thirty-six black math model child boys in the 4 squads who were awake, they lay in their bunks in awe of the whole night's activity....and it wasn't close to done yet."Pvt. Hodge reporting teen fashions models as ordered Sergeant," Hodge saluted at attention.Raw Recruits. elisa bridges model Chapter 3.He looked silly saluting naked except for his dogtags and green boxers, but even in informal situations, it was standard procedure.Sarge pensively fingered his jaw as he looked this new fucktool up and down. " 'Bout, FACE!" Sarge bellowed, and the kid whirled on his heel. "Bend over....touch yer toes and hold it there," Sarge ordered.Hodge bent over. "Pull japanes young models down yur shorts and pull yer cheeks apart."Hodge was so used to taking orders that made no sense these last two weeks, he just did as he was told and didn't even think about it.While Hodge started straining to hold position with blood rushing to his head, Sarge asked him, "You work out back alexandra pressant model home, boi?""Yes sergeant...boxing club....""Boxing club, eh?" Sarge said as he rose from his seat and came 'round the desk. 'SMMMACK!' Hodge lurched forward at the tail reddening slap, but held, now gripping his ankles tightly. Sarge's middle finger wormed through the dude's hole, and Sarge asked, "So, you get a lot of 'action' down at dat club, BOYYYY??""Uggghhhh! Nnnnghhh! Uh ohhgoddd, no noooooo Sergeant...please...please....ohhhhh!!!" Hodge's pain was evident through the strains ls models christine of his raspy, breathless, whiny voice.Sarge frog-marched the young elvgren models soldier, doubled over, back into the bedroom, and guiding him with that finger up his hole, he pressed Hodge down onto his knees premodels childrens facing the side of the bed. While they made their way to child girls models the back room, Sarge shirtless teen models asked, "You mean y'all boys didn't give each'n other a bit o' service on that 'special' occasion after a hot and sweaty workout? Like a soothing sausage butt massage," Sarge's finger rutted the kid hard five times, "or say a little....say....some fine tongue on the occasional rigid member?""N-o-o-o-o-o-o-o Sarge....n-o-o-o-o...we nev-uggghh! Oh Sarge please.....ohhhhh!"Sarge pulled his finger from the kid's gaypornmodels butt and sank it through his lips, running it back and forth over his taster as Hodge cringed from the dregs and funk of his own bunghole in top model pedo his mouth.Soon there were three big long black digits working over the curve of the new recruit's tongue. Sarge's left hand cupped the back of the kid's dirty models 14yo blond crewcut. He sure was a fine specimen. 5' 10" solid, about 175 lb. of hard muscle, beautifully 16 yo models defined. He pulled the kid's head back and forth over his fingers till the troop started to piston his own head over the fingers without guidance. "Take yur cock in hand boy....I wanna see you handle yo'self....and look into model rompl my eyes."Hodge's eyes soon went from soulful to anxious, almost showing a look of desire.Sarge loved the three phases Hodge's look showed him. Hodge was pulling hard but in sort of post nn model a squeeze and pull to his own prick, when Sarge took the kid's other hand and placed it on Sarge's own prong.Hodge's expression actually went from desire to fright for a few seconds when he felt the massive thickness and then even more wide-eyed as the hand made it's way all the way up and he realized the length of that black monster.Sarge cupped a huge mitt around the private's head and pulled his tongue with his still inserted fingers onto his big black scraggy-haired nutsack. ixtractor child model "You lick, boi! Serve yur ol' Sarge the way you did them boxer buds o' yers back home. Show Sarge you know models kids naked how to make him feel g-o-o-o-o-d!"It was getting on to 10:15 that night as Sarge was ending his first gay supermodel fuck round with the white boys assigned to his training platoon. He wanted these fine young dudes to be in perfect readiness and willing to serve the black man. To this point, they certainly had proved their preparedness.Hodge was drooling spittle goo to the floor from his lower lip as he serviced Sarge's fine very little model big balls. Sarge even pulled the kid under them to suck out his under-nuts flats out to his funky manhole. "Yahhhhh! Let yer ol' Sarge feel that fine whitebread tongue work up into that sheer nude models hole boy.....yayyyyyesssss!!!!" secxy models he hissed in demented joy."Sarge loves having yur white boi service. You needs tuh be doin' the black mans needs tuh be doin' yo' ol' black Sarge....yes...yesssssssss!!!"Sergeant Carter collected himself and almost crushed Hodge's head under his butt as he sat to the bed, his feet to the floor straddling Hodge's beet red, sweated face. The young private was looking up with tentative expectation as his head was bent back at the neck and Sarge fitted the boy's throat with a fine 9 inch tool. "Gawwwwk! Ullpffgggh! Gwakkkkhhh!" and the feary faced, terrified recruit felt Sarge's cock scourge his virgin facecunt. The pain of incessant surging mandick, home teenmodel down, down and ever so far down inside his throat gave the kid that sensual pain-driven erotic tingle to his every nerve ending, and Sarge smiled as he looked to his feet now coated white nn models thai with Hodge's still shooting cum load.Sarge knew he'd given this young troop baby pedo models everything he ever needed, and he had so much more to give him!As Sarge's curly pubes scratched Hodge's upper and lower lips and nose, he held the kid hard model boy com and tight as he stood in a slight crouch, short-strokin' Hodgeface in wild fuckfinishfrenzy!!!! The short fevered ruts must have numbered as many as five a model crannog second till he future models tgp went totally petite models illegal still, tensed, stiffened and unseen teen model shot Hodge's belly full of Sergeant spooge."Thhhhwwweeeeussssskkkk!' Ccccccchhhh! Cccccuchh!" was all Hodge was able to manage after Sarge pulled the kid's face off his still oozing Private pleaser.Sarge pulled the gagging kid's head against his belly, then rubbed the boy's face up and down his cock and balls, over and over.When they both were breathing normally again, haley modelcom galleries Sarge had Hodge female model tgp stand, salute and leave. It was a kidz model naked bit comical to see the kid at attention, a half busty model portfolios hard peter bobbing there out in front of him, with a dollop of cum hanging from the piss hole in a two-foot seed string searching for the floor.As Hodge did an about face to leave he almost fell, tanya teen model and in the outer room, picked up his boxers which he hop-footed into before opening the door.The black bruthahs on the first floor were huddled in twos and threes as Hodge passed, clearly worse for the wear. He was the first of the guys to actually go into the shower after leaving Sarge's room, Asian hot models and rinse off before prettn model nudes sacking out.Shortly, before 11, when most of girl top models the dudes were getting into their bunks with another long day of teen model kirsten basic training ahead in the morning, here kirsten teen model came Pvt. Shrum back again, a knock to Sarge's quarters, "Pvt. Shrum reporting as ordered, Sergeant," the kids in the closest bunks heard as the door closed.Sarge came little models myusenet up madras model nude naked to the young and smallish super stud. He picked him up, stripped his boxers down from behind him, rubbed his body up and down his little models list own sleek xxx model nude black skin. With a bikini models measurements hand behind the kid's head he hugged it into his shoulder and neck, turned and walked him into the bedroom.He laid Shrummy out on the bed face down, and spread his legs and arms out. He laid to the boy's preeteen nude models crevices and creases. He sucked out his pits, his balls, between his toes and then serviced his fine boypussy models exposed with that anteater tongue that searched out the very innards of young Robbie Shrum. Deep, deeper, still d-e-e-e-e-p-e-r!!!!!Shrum screamed into the pillow as Sarge's tongue finally voided the kid's bunger and was replaced with the 9 inch toy soldier pleaser Shrummy models tied was gonna come to preeteen child model need so much these next months.......Two hours and five thunderous blowed loads later, Shrum was screaming into Sarge's pillow, "Fuck me Sergeant Carter....puhleeeeeeeeeeeeze FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" Pvt. Shrum, veteran of 37 cunt, laid 575 times since he was 13, was begging....begging for fuckin' man preeteens models 14yo cock like there was nuthin' else in the entire world to make him whole!Under the young cocksman was a paste of Shrummy goo ground into the blanket over the period of the five young recruit reamings he had taken. Who was counting? Not even Robbie Shrum, who recorded his every conquest to a diary, would not know how many times he coated his belly nn models tween and Sarge's bed blanket that night. The boy soldier had hardly ever blowed a load without his hand or a girl's lips or pussy petals stroking his meat. models beauty secrets But the little firecracker went off over and over again from the sheer stimulation of Sarge's ever-driving ebony piston.Sarge was no slouch in the joyfuck department either. When he wanted pain or pleasure he knew where and how to child modeling houiston move that thoroughbred pumper of his. He could curl his manly bubble butt in a circle of pleasure evoking thrills sherry model tgp inside a young man's hole. Of course, he also sent many cunt into orgasmic orbit with the same pussy and asshole gyrations.He hardly ever took time to pleasure a boymanhole like he was doing with young Shrum, mainly because most every prior butt probe was more for power and punishment than model agencies adult for the pleasure of a silky smoothe assglove on his manpole.But here ptolmey model he was now, chowing down on the whining boy's left ear as he rolled them to their sides, and then completed the turn, leaving Robbie on his back, still 'staked' by Sarge's powerful picture teen model prick.Pvt. Shrum thought sure that Sarge was gonna bite his teenmodel tamara ear off. Tears rained down his cheeks with a pain he thought he could never recover from. Then, and suddenly, Sarge's tongue was sucking the bite marks all around Robbie's outer ear. russian model loita Soon dress nude models the heat of Sarge's nude model fucking mouth pained the injured area anew till the soothing saliva eased Shrum out of his torment and then we watch child modelling his boylike face bend and turn into Sarge's sucking lips like a dog nude male models being rubbed under jutka teen model his ear.Sarge smiled when Robbie turned into him. His arms fully extended down the trunk of Shrum's body where he could feel the teeny bumps of chicken skin, and when he reached Robbie's cock it went to steel as Robbie bent his face into Sarge's lips.Sarge swooned for maybe the second time in his sexy naked modell relatively young life, when Pvt. Shrum began to raise and lower spanish bikini model his needing bunghole as he lay fucking himself over Sarge's big masher. Shrum's head bent into little numphets models the crotch of Sarge's shoulder and neck where the bigger man's tongue swiped all little naked models the boy soldier face he could slather with it.Sarge's big right hand closed its fingers around Shrum's cum-sticky, handsome, pinky white 7 inch cock and drove the kid to spasms of new and explosive thr ills. Sarge grinned wide when the kid, after all those several blowoffs earlier, shot a seed-missile over both their heads splattering into the wall. Sarge joined Robbie in pumping him from underneath to provide the maximum inner excitement for Shrummer to have the best of adelina model nude all cums while he lay bucking on top xxx models his back on top of the long black sergeant.Sarge spoke in low tones into the ear of his kid soldier trainee. "Well young fucker, we didn't quite get yo' ol' Sarge to bull models tie your 7 fuck record with that cunt of yurs, but you has given me whut toplist tgp model I wanted tonight, my little man." He rutted pretten model boards hard up into the kid several times punctuating his current climax.Now he was lifting Shrum into the air above him, finally model pics young off his power poker for the first time in maybe a boy little model couple of hours. He turned Shrum, laid him belly onto belly, ls models island and with a big dog-lappy kiss up the kid's face, he slid him down his body, lowering Shrum's face to his pubes for tongue service. Pvt. Shrum ravenously slobbered and spit-shined his sergeant's cock, pubes, and balls, before dark models little Sarge pulled his knees up and gave Shrum ample room to joy Sarge's buzzer.After Robbie's tongue digged into Carter's hole and snaked around inside and around them manhole walls, Sarge sat up with his teen nikki model big black hands over Shrum's ears and pulled the head of his young charge up, over and busty ebony models down onto his cock. The kid's whole body seemed to arch up like a cat's back when it's threatened. The boy soldier gobbled, gawked, hucc'ed and sandy teenmodel swallowed over that black cock till Sarge was bucking and bolting up uncontrollably sending his seed deep into Pvt. Shrum's belly.Several moments they lay there, fused cock to throat, the youngster struggling to breathe through his nose, till girls models 14 Sarge unscrewed Robbie's face from his poker..... "Squeeeeussskcch!"The throat vacuum broke with the sqwalling sounds of spit and air blasting through the air-sucking passage. That sound always sent shivers of joy down Sarge's back, and this was no exception. He laid down child models pictures once more and pulled Robbie up on top of him where he nursed the kid's throat with his lips and tongue, massaging it with his big hands.Sarge reached into his bedside drawer and pulled from it a medium sized black buttplug. He held it to Pvt. Shrum to lick and lube before he took it from the boy's kissing lips and eased it through the young private's tailslot till after several moments of the toysoldier's violent shuddering, his legs and arms splaying out wide, fingers and toes spread out stiff, quivering like tuning forks, all was at last calm in Shrummy's heart and hole. Sarge said, "You wear that for me pussy. If anybuddy tries Jessica model teen to get atcher tail, you tell 'em owny Sarge can remove it.""Yes, Sergeant.""Now, you might get yucks and funs at'chu in the shower, but you never mind. You wearing Sarge's 'badge of honor' boycunt....the badge of honor."As Robbie nodded, Sarge picked him up bodily and placed his feet to the floor and sent the kid asain child models to bed.It was 2 AM, and as Pvt. Shrum retrieved his boxers in the front nude youmg models room and left, Sarge was trying to remember which one of his cuntboy white trash was the one coming to him after the run in the morning....he thought it might be Conway....he switched off the light, sighing long and breathy.Pvt. Shrum thought he heard model gay galleries some groans, moans or something as he went down the dark aisle to the head, before going upstairs litle childrens models and sacking out. Mannnnn, that plug up famous supermodels his 16yo topless model bunger....kept all Sarge's gushy spooge jelly slopping inside him, annnnd, the surprise result was the spunky little stud's prick stayed rock hard from the constant stimulation.......whewwww!After all adolescent model bikini he got and took in Sarge's quarters that night, the steel-pronged boy nestled into his bunk and was still in rut when he finally drifted off teen models dark to a cum-filled dreamland of pussy, and leslie la model big black cock...... Please write and tell me if you like my story. Send comments to Positive and negative comments welcome. For other stories, see JARROD on the Authors Page.
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